Sunday, March 5, 2017

Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok - Glimpse of Thai Culture

Suvarnabhumi Airport

"As we arrived in Suvarnabhumi International Airport, I already have a glimpse of Bangkok, Thailand"

Bangkok, Thailand Suvarnabhumi Airport Touchdown

"Cheapest Trip as we always aim"

Suvarnabhumi airport arrival side will give you immediate access to different stalls that are needed by tourists such as money changer, drinks inspired by Thailand culture, and also ISPs for tourist sim that will let you have internet access and phone calls within Thailand at a lower rate. The tourist sim is around 300 baht with its special package that you can use throughout the tour. 

Thai Airways Plane at Suvarnabhumi Airport

(Note: Always bring your passport and plane ticket, as you go around in the airport especially if you just arrived; going to the 2nd floor for snacks will require you to have your passport and plane tickets, so the security can verify that you have just arrived and will let you go back to 1st floor - arrival area.)

"As we arrived in Bangkok, the arrival area of Suvarnabhumi Airport have benches wherein passengers can sit or take a rest before going out of the airport. I tried to take a nap there since it is still around 12 midnight while my partner went to the 2nd floor of the airport to check more stores and buy bottled water. After he bought a bottle of water, he went back immediately to the arrival area - 1st floor but the security won't let him pass because he forgot to bring his passport and plane ticket so the security can't verify him as a tourist who have just arrived. In order to go back to the 1st floor, he asked assistance from Suvarnabhumi airport information and Airport Police, and THANKS to their immediate response as he asked for assistance; they've immediately responded and even accompanied him way back to the 1st floor -arrival side and made sure that he can get back to me."

While on the airport, I noticed that Thai people also have a genuine smiles like Filipino. Therefore in order to understand more of the Thai culture, we tried to let ourselves observe and be in the Thai people culture.

From the airport, you can have taxi, bus, or train that depend on your itinerary. For us, we select train or Airport Link since we were going to Bangkok proper and it is the cheapest way to get there. It cost only 30 to 50 baht each that leaves every 15 minutes from the airport with six stations and the last station closest to the Bangkok proper is Phaya Thai. The railway is located below or basement of the airport that operates 6am to 12 midnight. 

From Phaya Thai, we started to walk around and observed how locals live as the sun rises or start of the day. Thailand has also locally made modified vehicle design like PH Jeepney that is called "Tuktuk", it is smaller than jeepney but it run fast with cool muffler sound like a sportscar.

We have our Thai Style breakfast along Si Ayutthaya Road and it's delicious. The barbecue is so enticing with soft meat and sweet sauce. The rice toppings incllude pork chop, sweet sauce, boiled egg, and a soup with thai spices matches to the main dish will sure fill you up :).

Note: More Thailand trips will be feature in the future.

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