Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Windows 8.1 Update Resolution-Font Problem Solution/Fix

Fix Windows 8.1 update resolution/font size problem or corrupted file in system32(eg. ..resolution is lower than 4800x3600)or some bugs without drive format or hitting files in windows or system32, brute force. Hope it helps.

Note: It is impossible to move and work properly in the desktop because of the resolution...
avoid using search bar since it links back to desktop, therefore we need to work behind desktop. Make sure files are backup in a safe drive. Since it is difficult to move in desktop try to use ctrl+A then copy-paste everything on the safe drive.

1. Hold "Shift" then touch the power button, then select "Restart"

2. Select "System Restore" in this area, avoid "system restore" option in desktop search because it is impossible to select properly there because of the resolution problem.

3. Check "Show more restore points", then select the restore point when the unit is still

then Wait and

4. Encounter an error,..telling "System Restore did not complete successfully",... just
press "OK", if it pops up again press "OK".

Then wait again if it
continue... until it will boot-up again...

5. Then try to check Resolution and Font is now Fine, it will say "System Restore
completed successfully..."

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