Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tokyo Skytree - One of the Tallest Structures in the World

Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower type structure in the world and one of the tourist attraction of Tokyo, Japan. Next to Burj Khalifa which is a skycraper mixed-use type structure. Skytree tower stand 2000ft+ high built for broadcasting, restaurant, and observatory. It is really massive and fascinating structure at its footing.

As we started our day for a tour, we decided to visit Skytree since it is well-known for tourists. Tokyo is the capital and one of the most populated place in Japan but due its well-organised culture, it is still convenient to roam around the place. Congested vehicle traffic? it is lesser in Japan since mass transport is handled by abounding metro lines that Japanese is also good at. Walkway is efficiently designed with lines and signages. It is also good to take time to look at the wonderful structures while walking since it is so observable that Japan is really making use of its advanced technologies.

 It is not that easy to roam around or to have a commute in Tokyo, since majority of word directions are written in Katakana and some are in Kanji, therefore it is good to have a guide or someone who can read words in Katakana. From our hotel in Shinjuku, we take metro or railway going to the station that is closest to Skytree in Sumida. Railway tracks in Japan are incredible. It is efficiently designed and optimized. There are two railway stations near Skyree, the Tokyo Skytree Station and Oshiage Stations, but we did not stop on those stations in which we drop off somewhere for some reasons and we started to walk going to Skytree. ahaha!

At the Skytree ground, a tourist reception and exhibit can be found that anyone can enjoy and take pictures. There are also restaurants nearby and vending machines for beverages. Outside the exhibit area, there are benches and areas that people can sit and relax while enjoying the view on the gigantic Skytree Tower.

How to get there: 

Within Tokyo, check on Tobu Skytree Line then drop off at Tokyo Skytree Station and Oshiage Stations. 
Rate: prepare 500yen to 1000yen 

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