Saturday, October 20, 2018

Secure Chargers as Power Supply for Laptop

Broken laptop charger is one of the common problems of laptop users in which it becomes an additional expense for securing a new laptop charger or having it repair on laptop service centers. This problem continuously occur even until now in which people tried to raised some questions. 



This problem is kinda common for laptop chargers. Well, there are few things that we can highlight for it. 

First, laptops and chargers are two components that might have different brands or manufacturers, except for few renowned brands of laptops that they manufacture their own chargers for their laptop product. With that, if two components are made by different manufacturers with different designers is one of the reason since these products functions on the level of compatibility and not on the level of optimal operation that increases reliability of the product. 

Second, the actual utilization of the device because chargers are also made of electronic components that sudden change in  the supply rating and using it with other device will cause problem to the internal components of the chargers. The internal components will overheat, burn, or even blow up because of improper charging operation. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of low cost laptop chargers available in the market that most of the users prefer to buy a new one instead having the broken charger repair in laptop service centers or qualified personnel to repair laptop chargers. 

With few consideration of the things highlighted above, chargers should meets the rating of the laptop that will be supplied exactly and same brand with the laptop if possible.
  • Avoid plugging it to an outlet when a high powered device is also using the supply in line with the outlet and occurrence power interruptions because of possible fluctuation that is considered sudden change in supply rating. 
  • Avoid using the laptop chargers with other device that has different rating, because it can damage the internal components of the laptop chargers. 
  • It is also a good option to repair the broken charger that is provided during the purchase of the laptop instead of buying a new low cost laptop chargers, since it can be considered as proven for charging operation of the laptop compared to a new low cost laptop charger.

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