Getting into the culture of Thailand, we have to have brief background of this country. We decided to roam around and observe the locals on their morning activities. As we continue on sightseeing, we came across several markets, government offices, establishments, and landmarks. We've been to Sirat Express Market, Wang Mahanak Market, and Saphan Khao Fruit Market, which is a good opportunity to see the actual picture of Thailand on different market.

We pass through Amnuay Silpa, Fire and Rescue Department Office, Department of Highways Musuem, Prime Minister Museum, Varadis Palace, Wat Sunthon Thammathon, United Machine Co. Ltd., Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, ASEAN Cultural Center, King Prajadhipok Museum, Democracy Monument, Maha Khan Fort, Golden Mount, and until we reach Khao San Road where our Hostel is located.

Wat Sunthon Thammathon

Wat Sunthon Thammathon Temple

Part of Khao San Road

Upon sightseeing, we pass by this coffee shop where we tasted the "Cocao" - a chocolate drink. They serve hot cocao drink with creative tops and taste of chocolate at its pure. The coffee shop is cozy and its attendant is so accommodating, anyone should visit this store as part of their culture development.

How to get there: 

If you are close to metro then ride a "Metro" going to Phaya Thai station, then ride a "Tuk-tuk" from there rate is around 5 to 10 baht each for tuk-tuk ride.

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