Crumbs and Country Food Park is the new spot for food hunters. This spot is located in barangay Kili-og at the municipality of Libona, in the province of Bukidnon. Yes, this is in Libona, the renowned Place of Cowboy's in Bukidnon. This only requires a short drive from Cagayan de Oro City, so obviously this is easy to visit. 

Country Side Tractor

An old tractor as part of the decor, not sure if this can still operate, however guests can take picture with this tractor. Some guests ride on it and ask someone to take them a picture with it, so probably that is okay to do but still be careful to avoid damaging the tractor. Take note that only children and probably regular size adult may fit, but sadly our toddler is still afraid to do it and while us adults possibly may not fit because of our size ahahaha!

Instagrammable Facility with Bamboos and Circle Frame

If you are really creative, this circle frame can be really useful to take a beautiful shot. Solo and Family picture can be done easily but a having a good camera will be able to take a stunning pictures. Crumbs and Country Food Park really looks good at night because this will be light up with warm lights which increases the intensity of details of the image object.

Country Side Inspired Swing and Flower Storage  

Country Inspired Cabin

That swing is really relaxing especially when you want to take some to rest after moving around the Crumbs and Country Food Park. Next, near the Swing, a country inspired cabin is also prepared for picture taking and then when you go inside this is actually a dining area as shown below.

Inside the Country Inspired Cabin Dining Area

Inside the cabin, you can notice a dining area with rustic design. With that, it feels like home 😅, well, that is only in our dreams ahahaha! So, better to take the opportunity to dine-in in this area and relax. The Crumbs and Country Food Park stores can be found next to this cabin.

Servane Pizzeria - Food Park Store

M.C. Coffee Shop - Food Park Store

The Crumbs and Country Food Park store particularly Servane Pizzeria plays a really good country music. Yes, this is so inviting to check what are the food options they offer. For the menu and rates, these are listed below.

M.C. Coffee

Hot Coffee

Brewed Coffee - 80php

White Choco Spanish Latte - 100php

Caramel Macchiato - 100php

Ice Coffee

Caramel Macchiato - 120php

Salted Caramel Latte - 120php

Salted Caramel Mocha - 120php

Spanish Latte - 120php

White Choco Mocha - 120php

Dark Choco Mocha - 120php

Servane Pizzeria

Servane Pizzeria Menu
These two stores offers perfect snacks and relaxing beverages, however for those who wants regular meal, like barbecues and country style dishes, then order at Big Nate's and Chelly's restaurants as still part of Crumbs and Country Food Park. When got still time to move around before getting dark, better to visit the horse ranch where a western breed of horse with its foal live together at the ranch.

Horse Ranch

Horse Ranch Viewing

This part might be the highlight of the entire Crumbs and Country Food Park, which is really nice. These horses are so approachable, that children are safe to touch them. Our toddler is so familiar with this type of animal, so we are so glad that he saw the real one. His video is shown below,

This toddler is Neo, he has own facebook page and website, you visit his page and website sometimes. <3

Big Nate's Barbecue

Raw Food For Barbecue

Big Nate's offers a variety of barbecues at a reasonable price. Yes, this is for a regular meal that rice can be ordered together with this barbecues. Dishes at Chelly's restaurant can still be ordered here, so there are a lot of options for regular meal. Big Nate's and Chelly's menu are shown below,

Big Nate's Barbecue Menu

Chelly's Menu  (Click the Image to Zoom)

We can say this is really nice, because there are several options of food that also provide a much more freedom of guests to have personal food choices. Maybe this is the reason why this place called as Crumbs and Country Food Park ahaha! obviously they have several food choices. 😆

The Farm House Dining Area

The Farm House Preparation Food Cabin

Lastly, the farmhouse or Farm House dining area, we think this is not yet done since the cabin that most likely to be the main kitchen is not yet done. There are tables here that serves also its purpose to accommodate more dine-in guests inside Crumbs and Country Food Park.  This spot is shaded in case of rain or direct sunlight. Other than that, this spot is really relaxing with family or friend/s.

A short video we have recorded from the short drive in Cagayan de Oro City  to Crumbs and Country Food Park.

How to get there

For Public Transport,

From Agora Terminal or Cogon Market, look for the Jeepneys with the route Cagayan to Kili-og Bukidnon. Inform the driver to drop you off at Chelly's Restaurant, this is because Crumbs and Country Food Park is located only at the back of Chelly's Restaurant. Rate is probably 70 to 150php.

For Private Transport, 

Simply go to the barangay Macansandig of Cagayan de Oro City, this is the same way going to HUGO/Amaya View and Eden Solace that is located at Barangay Indahag. At the intersection in Indahag, road heading to Libona and the other side is Camaman-an and Macasandig where you came, simply go straight passing the road access for Amaya View. Kili-og is located below after Gango, just go straight until you reach Kili-og. Check for Chelly's restaurant located of the left side of the road, you will notice that when you arrive because there are a lot of vehicle park beside the road.

Fees and Business Hours

Crumbs and Country Food Park Entrace Fee - 80php for Adult

While free for children probably 2 yrs old and below.

Operating hours is 3pm until 9pm, this probably to highlight the spot during at night with beautiful lighting of the place. 

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