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Looking for tourist spot other than the renowned Tinuy-an Falls and Enchanted River? Thinking of Lake 77? the largest man-made lake. Well, shown above is the newest tourist spot "Zulig Lake View" in lake 77, barangay Mone, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.

If you still no idea on what Bislig City could offer for local delicacies? oh well, you should have to because the "Best Crabs Delicacy of the Philippines" can only found here. Yeah, Bislig City celebrates "Karawasan Festival" and FYI "Karawasan" means Crabs from a local dialect "Bisliganon Kamayo". 

Fishermens Best at Zulig Lake View
(Sea Crabs, Red Crabs, Shrimps, and more)

Yes! you read it right hahaha! the Bisliganon Kamayo of Crabs particularly sea crabs or Lambay on some Cebuano term is Karawasan. Well, better to take note of this because if you are amazed of festival of other regions, then tighten up your seats or prepare your voice when you visit the Bisligonon "Karawasan Festival" because it really rocks up! thanks to the support of LGBTQ+ that makes the festival even more creative.

Now, Lake 77 that is one of the destination of the other activities during the Karawasan Festival bringing back its beauty that now offers a tourist destination where tourist can rent Cottages for stop overs while enjoying the view of Lake 77 and its activities could offer.

Zulig Lake View is a new tourist spot in Lake 77 at barangay Mone, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur. This offers a floating, over the lake cottages, behind the lake, and bamboo raft experience. 

Cottages and Bamboo Raft for Rent

Picnic Cottage for Two

Floating Cottage and Largest Cottage over the Lake

Take note, these cottages are for rent where you can bring your own food and enjoy the stay all you can. Entrance fee is required 20php for adult and 10php for kids, for those who wants to take picture within the facility that is for the maintenance. Please, do follow the rules so that these facilities can still be enjoy by other tourists, and that comes with free bathrooms on land area of the facility.

What other Zulig could offer other than a spot to have our food? Well, Zulig is offering a pre-booked food in case you want convenience. You can booked online, at their FB page Zulig Lake View. They offer a five star level food that specialized Sea Foods and the renowned Baby Back Ribs. 

Table Setting by Zulig Lake View Personnel

Food with a five star level ? what's that? yeah, that's means if your dining at five star hotels simply you are expecting the food should be the best like a five star level right? not only the preparation but the taste should be five star level right? ahaha! Then, better to try their food particularly prepared by Chef Marvin with years of experience for preparing of food for five star hotel guests. 

Above shown, the main course of this preparation.Yes, this is the expectation of seafoods :D but the best is yet to come.  The Sutukil or Sugba-Tula-Kilaw of the southern Philippines. This combo really breaks the routine of food intake. All of it served fresh and enticing. For bookings, you can have alot of options just say it! :D


Fresh Fish Tinola

Seaweeds Kilaw or Seaweeds Salad

Simply name it, then the food will be served and that's on for the Zulig View guests. Enjoy the visit and experience all of the activities they offer. Have your own food if that's what make you save from expense and that's fine.

Pancit Guisado

Zulig kinda mean to a healthy young person derive from the local dialect, that's probably the meaning of this place calling it as Zulig.

Zulig View Central Cottage Entry

How to get there

For public transport
Near the wet market of barangay Mangagoy, you can find the terminal of tricab that is bound for Mone or Bagnan. From there, for 80php you will be able to reach Zulig View at lake 77 barangay Mone.

For private transport
If you are going to visit Tinuy-an Falls, then have a stop over at Zulig View since you will be passing lake 77.

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