Sky Ranch Tagaytay is an amusement park that situated at the cold part of southern Luzon that is in Tagaytay City, at the province of Cavite. Yes, this is the place where the famous Taal Volcano can be found and offers the best view on the Taal Lake. Having an amusement park in this place is really fantastic! 😀

Sky Ranch Welcome Mark

Let's start at the 3D Sky Ranch welcome mark, the spot where most tourists take pictures and serves as a legit proof that you really entered the amusement park ahaha! Take note, 100php is an admission fee simply to enter park. Sky Ranch amusement park has been operating a while which before seeing the facilities from the outside is not possible because of some shielding, probably those are the time that they are still under development.

Taal Volcano View inside Sky Ranch

Today, tourists can now have a glimpse of facilities from the outside of Sky Ranch. There are several stores that offers variety of foods, souvenirs, and some local delicacies. Bringing of food from the outside is fine as long as it is not bulky enough to cause possible inconvenience to other Sky Ranch tourists. Infants under 1 year old is free as long as with a guardian ahahaha! simply don't let babies enter alone in this gigantic facility. 😂

Sky Ranch left side path Facilities

We brought two children, one is an infant while the other one is a toddler. For the toddler, there are several rides that really fits for him where he really enjoy while for the infant city train and express train is good for her given that he is free in Sky Ranch amusement park. 😄 

We have highlights some rides on this blog that really matters for us, while the other rides that are included to the online booked Sky Ranch Ride-All-You-Can package having a really long queue. So, the earlier you came, the better for you since you will have a shorter queue.

Sky Ranch Red Baron

Sky Ranch Wonder Flight

Sky Ranch Red Baron and Wonder Flight (Balloon Ride) ride are one of the best ride for toddlers since these offers a pilot experience to them. It can be accompanied by an adult behind seat. These moves around quite fast then move up and down.

Sky Ranch Rocking Tug

Sky Ranch Rocking Tug, this ride is offers a ship like experience to children and still can be accompanied by an adult. This is really cute for toddlers, feels like they are moving away riding a ship that let you say "Bye-bye baby~" 😊  while they also waving their hands bye-bye.

Sky Ranch Nessi Coaster

Sky Ranch Nessi Coaster ride is like a roller coaster ride but designed to allow toddlers to ride but this does not roll anyway hehe! so, more tourists having this ride. 😄 Then, take note on this ride to try when visit Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

Behind is Drop Tower, Double Decker Carousel, and Red Baron

Sorry for this image, we have highlighted our face instead of the rides. ahahaha! Since we have a toddler, only that double decker carousel is allowed while the drop tower and red baron requires atleast 4ft in height probably for safety reason.

Sky Ranch "Sky Cruiser"

Sky Ranch "Sky Cruiser" is also another part of the ride-all-you-can package that requires two person to ride it. This is similar to bicycle, rider should move their legs as cycling and also to move around the track. It is above the ground and requires two person that are at least 4ft in height.

Ice Cream Shop

This ice cream shop can found near the Sky Ranch "Sky Eye" ride where a lot of people waiting on their queue. They offer a really good ice cream that can be bought less than 100php. This replenishes energy to move around the amusement park. 

Sky Ranch Mini Viking

Sky Ranch Mini Viking is design for tourists that are below 4ft and those who are afraid of Super Viking. Yes, that super viking ride really gives you adrenaline rush ahaha! unless the controller feel mercy on the riders 😅 . Anyway, the mini viking suits for anyone as long as you can fit yourself on the seat, then you can ride on it. Our toddler enjoy this ride, probably this depends on how you raise your child that we raise ours as adventurist and independent. 💖

Sky Ranch City Train

Sky Ranch City Train ride is the most gentle ride in Sky Ranch amusement park, that infants will be able to ride on this as long handled by registered rider. This offers a real railway experience since it has pedestrian crossing like a gate and a bell that rings when a train pass by.

Online Promo Ride List for Included and Not Included

This Sky Ranch List of rides for online promo registration is really important, because this will guide on what are the rides you can avail if you are having this promo. Not all rides are part of the Sky Ranch Ride-All-You-Can promo, take note also that listed included rides have restriction to those who are allowed to ride and not allowed. 

There are rides allow only 4ft below and some requires at least 4ft and above, while other rides requires ticket that is sold 60php. Below is a short video for the Sky Ranch Tagaytay rides,

How to get there

From Manila, you need to go southern bound PITX, a central terminal for buses bound to southern province of Luzon. At PITX, look for Bus that is bound for Nasugbo Batangas or Tagaytay City. Rate is around 150 to 300php.

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