"Japan, the country who made a lot of development in technology while maintaining its traditional culture. It is also known as the Land of the Rising Sun"

As we arrive in Narita International Airport, the first thing we notice is the flow of the arrival and departure, which is so smooth and well organized. We came across an airport personnel that can speak tagalog. She assist passengers who are in queue for immigration and she also spend time to talk to us in tagalog that boost up our confidence as Filipino.

Everything is automated or maybe I can say it in tech level "Everything is embedded with electronics technology" that they are really making use of techs to become more efficient on anything. Floor are marked with walking direction of passengers that on hurry in order to avoid collision. It is safe to use mobile phone while walking, as long as you are in the lane that correspond to your direction, then surely you will not hit other passengers. Waiting area and food court are also good in which it has charging station for passengers needs to charge mobile devices. In front of the waiting area and food court, there are money changers, stalls for Japanese food and souvenir, and some boutiques of bags and clothing apparels.

For tourists or typical passengers with bulky baggage can make use of electronic locker located beside the foodcourt in order to avoid hassle while roaming around the airport or in Tokyo proper. Passengers can deposit baggage with corresponding payment. Storing your baggage securely for a specific time and can be claim through a code provided on the ticket of the baggage payment. Try to asked assistance with airport personnel that can speak English if needed.

Tokyo proper is around 70 km from Narita International Airport in which commuters needs to ride a bus, train, or even taxi going to Tokyo. We take bus for our transport going to Tokyo that gives a chance to have a glimpse of Japan roadway traffic system. It is simple, smooth, and it seems every drivers are so discipline. Travel time is around 1 hr that you can enjoy the view of places you'll pass through. I also appreciate the charging port provided beside the seat that will let you charge mobile devices while on the bus.

For Transportation Option

from Narita to Tokyo and Tokyo to Narita

for Bus transport
    - Tokyo Shuttle and The Access Narita that you can jump on various JR Lines is around 400php cash without reservation but going back to Narita, Tokyo Shuttle needs reservation unlike The Access Narita requires only passengers to line up at bus stops for transport.

for Train transport
    - You can have Keisei Limited Express from Narita to Nippori Station then JR Yamanote line for Tokyo cost around 500php.

for Taxi transport
    - Taxi is obviously expensive especially Narita to Tokyo or Tokyo to Narita is quite distant, probably cost more or less 10k php.

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