Mount Palaopao is visible at kisolon Sayre highway and accessible at Sumilao Terminal, Bukidnon.

Hike start at Sumilao terminal where hikers and travelers can have food for dine-in or takeout at a cheaper price. Aside of food, a market for different goods is also located nearby. Yes, it is quite convenient for us travelers and hikers that we have easy access to different goods. Public comfort rooms are also available in the area for necessities.

Mount Palaopao is known for dayhike activity because of the level of difficulty. However, this difficulty is based on professional mountaineers that some beginners find it difficult especially if the trail is through Paiyak Trail, which is not that easy. Palaopao is a sitio or site of Sumilao where some people resides and it is located at the foot of the mountain. This small community is so inspiring since it is organized and the locals are so friendly. . We came across a hanging bridge at Kulaman river before reaching Sitio Palaopao where hikers can have break near the river.

This view is at Sitio Palaopao where we are required to register before we can continue on our hike to Mount Palaopao. As we continue on our trip, the beautiful view of nature is substantial that hikers can take a lot of pictures. We also came across a local that has a hut near Paiyak trail. He let us take a rest and refill water on the water source nearby. He share some stories about Mt. Palaopao and his living. He let us feel secure on our way to Paiyak trail.

A walk-through video of the entire trip is provided below. Spend time viewing it, so you can have a glimpse of Mount Palaopao Dayhike. Enjoy! :)

 A rocky hill and steep trail is to be expected and will pass through a wonderful cave, which is a satisfying adventure.

How to get there: 

From Cagayan de Oro City proper, ride a jeepney that will pass through Agora Terminal.
Rate is 6php - 8php

At Agora Terminal, ride a bus or van bound for Malaybalay or Bukidnon Area that will pass through Sumilao terminal.
Rate is 80php to 150php

For assistance, you can send us an email or comment below. We can refer you for transport.

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