Sampeng Market or Chinatown in Bangkok

We decided to go for Night Market to check if there is something we can buy and have our dinner. A market that is adjacent to our location is Saphan Phut Night Market located next to Flower Market, so decided to go to there. While on our way, we remember about Sampeng Market or the Chinatown of Bangkok that is recognized for serving a variety of delicious food. Since it is time for dinner, instead spend our time in Saphan Phut, we proceed to Sampeng Market passing through street National Museum of Education, Saphan Phut, Wat Liap Temple, and Flower Market.

Pack of Individual who lineup for Food

Sampeng Market or Chinatown along Yoawarat road is a resettlement of Chinese and one of the oldest areas in Bangkok. The place is little busy as a wholesale and shopping area before evening, and it becomes a night market during evening, a lot of stalls and stores that served different style of Thai and Chinese food, and also there are still stalls for clothing but not as abounding like daytime. We have our delicious Thai style food mixed of shrimps, a little meat, veggie garnish, noodle ( we select two of those Thai noodles ), and authentic spicy that is really enticing as trademark of Thai.

During night time, some tourist spots or landmarks in Bangkok are lighted up. It become more attractive to tourists to take picture and enjoy the surrounding. Going back to our hostel, we came across the "Giant Swing" and "Democracy Monument" having impressive picture with lights while Rommaninat Park and Wat Suthat near the giant swing are already dimmed.

Giant Swing

Wat Suthat
Democracy Monument

How to get there: 

Cheapest way is walk to the nearest station of boat express to catch a trip, then get off at Rachini Pier and Saphan Phut Pier rate is 15 baht.

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