I could say that this activity was the highlight of Northern Luzon tour. It was really awesome; an adrenaline rush ride, in which a 4x4 truck was drifting on the sand. Those quick ascent and descent will let you shout out of enjoyment while the quick turn will let you hold your breath thinking "Please don't let us be thrown away! ahahahaha!". 

Track stopovers, will also let you enjoy the view of nature of Laoag facing the town and facing the sea. The veteran driver was so accommodating, he took picture for us and let us took our time to enjoy the place while on stopover. There are a lot of beautiful views at the stop overs that most of us enjoy the stop at the hill and the shore. 

Enjoying the views and taking a deep breath for a very relaxing place. The sand and hills on track are really amazing in which I couldn't even believe that we have this spot in the Philippines. It is good to take some time here especially for twenteen people like us ahaha! It really feels good visiting a place with full of adventure.

After the 4x4 ride, we went to sand boarding and again another adrenaline rush activity but we can have it as long as we want to. I've tried standing and sitting slides but I did it few times only because I am really tired ahahaha! I wish I can do more, making used of it since it is run all of you can. 

Then, here is the very beautiful sunset that brings dramatic view around with its golden rays hitting the place. It is really activity good activity for families, friends, and couples. Enjoy the place and everything while on the ride. 

How to get there: 

For this type of trip, you can rent a Van or any SUV if you are in a bigger group. It saves a lot of your budget. If you are in a smaller group or solo traveler, have a public transport from manila. Go to central bus station going to Northern Luzon.

For assistance, you can send us an email or comment below. We can refer you for transport.

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