A museum of local history as first tourist spot to visit is always the best, since this is the overview of the place that we will be able to relate as tourist. 

The above image is the illustration of Kalinga livelihood tools captured inside the museum that we notice lately that taking pictures inside the museum is not allowed, but luckily the personnel is not that strict so we got some few pictures.

Baguio Museum is located near Burnham Park that only few people got to visit the museum provided that it has 40php as entrance fee for adult. The actual structure of Baguio Museum is shown below with the guide of the group even he's still first timer to visit Baguio Ahahaha!

Baguio Museum Building

As we visited the museum, it is under renovation on some part but that does stop us to move around, and take time to view and read historical write-ups about the livelihood tools and the locals. There are a lot of things that must to see inside the museum in which as an example the miniature design of hut of the locals before.

It is one of the attraction in Coldillera Region that some hotels structure are inspired of this design. It serves as a label of the native that every foreign tourist wants to experience this Coldillera living and how it feels.

Spears of Different Tribe

Different tribes in Coldillera Region has its own design of spear in which it represents the faction of the tribe. These artifacts of history are treasure of Filipino for it contributes to the culture of the country. An art and culture that every citizen should be proud.

Tribal Shield

These are the shield that commonly used in battle that has also types of design representing the tribe. There are four of these such as Mt. Province, Benguet, Kalinga, and Apayao. If the western has history with shields and swords, then Filipino has this history of wooden shields and spears. 

Some people wondering where are Coldillerans warriors and the native that used to reside the place. As we observed during our DIY tour, locals that used to be native of the place also went together with the development of the place. They are now dressed as the 20th century expected to be, but some stay the same as they stay far from crowded towns and cities.

How to get there:

Ride a jeepney going to Burnham Park that will pass through SM Baguio, and behind the Mall that takes about 5mins walk, you can find the Baguio Museum at the corner across a School.
Rate is around 8php to 15php.

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