The Cagwait White Sand Beach is called as the longest slide and known to be the SPACEBAR beach of the Philippines. This spacebar name is considered because the white sand beach really wide as the spacebar button of the keyboard. This is a great tourist spot for people who want to simply enjoy with less commercialize beach trip.

Note: Cagwait is a municipality situated at the province Surigao del Sur, where Britania Islands and Tinuy-an Falls also located.

How beautiful it is? The beach is really beautiful and greatly settled by nature. With less commercial buildings, this place is well-suited for relax and vacation. The area is clean with golden white sand beach curve span.

Swimming activities such as snorkeling and diving can be done, since waves are not that huge compared to other beaches in Surigao del Sur.


Goggles are not compulsory since the sea water on this area is not that strong. Eyes are safe from sore because the sea water has less component to hurt human eye that cause sore.

Cottages are provided with affordable rates ranging  150 to 300php for public resort.

Affordable expenses for a well experience of nature near the sea, this the exact spot for that qualities.

How to get there:

Ride a public bus bound for Tandag then jump off at the Municipality of Cagwait, particularly at the 
intersection road to White Sand Beach. For regular flights from Luzon and Visayas, take Butuan City for a Bus or Van ride bound for Tandag.

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