This is Harip white sand beach located at barangay Harip situated at the Municipality of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. 

What's with this new tourist attraction ? 

    -  This is newly opened tourist spot that can now accommodate not only locals or even people from different places of Mindanao but also Nationwide. This white sand beach features a resort named "DAVINCE - Hidden Paradise" that offers rooms for overnight stay and cottages for day tour. Beside the resort are public cottages and some vacant spot that suitable for campers or tourists that brought tents. 

3D Giant Size Letters for Picture Taking

Oh yeah! This is a proof that we really visited Harip Beach and stay happy ahaha! beside of the challenges that we've experienced along the insanely rough and cliff side road as detour path going to Harip because a bridge is closed for improvement on the regular path going to Harip. 

For the detour path, warning if you have a low ward car don't take the detour path instead take the regular path and park near the closed bridge, but people can still cross then better leave your vehicle on the other side of the bridge then take another transport possibly a habal-habal to reach the Harip beach. However, if you are in pick-up truck, motorcycle, or jeepney and want to experience a virgin forest feels going to the Harip Beach then have this detour path but make sure you have the best driver in your group to drive. :D 

DAVINCE Resort Harip Beach Front with "Trip na Trip" Family <3 

This is the main view of the resort and best spot at the Harip white sand beach. A simple glimpse on the open sea with a detailed rock formation that provide relaxation and happiness with peace. 

How to get there:

Along the National Highway of Hinatuan, a road access going to Barangay Talisay, Hinatuan that the famous "Enchanted River of the Philippines" also located is the main Landmark of the road going to Barangay Harip. 

Upon heading to the parking area entrance of the "Enchanted River" turn left then check the signs beside the road going to barangay Harip. If you don't have own vehicle for this tour, then have a habal-habal ride right on the highway access road to barangay Talisay. Rate possibly 100php to 300php. 

Take note, this is around 30km+ from the highway so make sure to refill gas for your vehicle or atleast half tank because this is a remote area without gas station unless you came across a bottled gas that commonly for habal-habal refill.

Entrance Fee ---------10php
Parking Fee 
    Motorcycle --------10php
    Van/Cabs ---------- 25php
    Larger Vehicles -- 35php
Cottages ------------- starts at 200php
Table and Chair ----- 200php
Table/Umbrella ----- 100php

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