This is Twin Beach Nacpan, a Golden White Sand Beach in the municipality of El Nido. A good spot for family bonding and a spot for sightseeing. If you can hike for short distances, then this is for you. :D

Twin Beach Hike to Hill Peak


Well, El Nido is known for white sand beaches and considered as the number 1 tourist destination for White Sand Beaches and most Beautiful Lagoon in the World. These spots are visited through Island Hopping. 

Island hopping is the most common activity done by tourists in El Nido, which only few people tried to explore El Nido on land. However, if you have a chance to get into on-land beach hunting, that would be fantastic, because you will be able to explore beaches that are not crowded like Nacpan.

Nacpan offers a long stretch of golden white sand beach and a small hill at twin beach for short hike and sightseeing.

Twin Beach Hill Peak


At the Twin Beach Hill Peak, a stunning view over the long stretch beach of Nacpan with the twin of beach on the other side of the Nacpan beach (the reason why this is called twin beach) and that is behind our smiling faces selfie above. 😂

Sorry for our faces that occupies the view of the twin beach ahahaha! The spot is really good, because it feels exclusive that no one is in there during our visit. Below is a simple surprise gift that catches the mood of our day. 😍

 A Surprise Gift to a Love One


Since there are a lot of open space, then a stopover will be great to experience exclusivity of spot and find peace. We have our surprise gift here and able to have our own personal space without disturbing other people while having this surprise gift. Ahaha!😄


Quick Lunch at a Cottage Cafeteria

Yes! you can have lunch in a "Karenderya" - Cafeteria setup beside the Beach like a cottage. However, if you have your own food brought to this spot, then simply rent a cottage or setup your own table. How good is that? :D
How to get there:
Tricycle Ride
If you don't have your own vehicle, then better hire a tricycle that will tour you around in El Nido ranges 500 to 1000php to a whole trip defending on the spot good for 1pax to 4pax. For us, we have Nacpan Beach from the tourist Town of El Nido. 
We can say this is cheap and wise public transport compared to rent a vehicle, have your own gas to fill your ride, drive, then ask where you at and where you go on the road that is kinda time consuming. :D Better hire a local tricycle driver because they even told you everything you ask and we can say most drivers in El Nido probably are really nice like Kuya. They are not opportunist or even ask higher price to foreign client or not. They have standard which tourism set for them and they follow those seriously.
Tricycle drivers in El Nido are really nice, they will also assists you as a guide and wait for you when you try to enjoy Spot. They don't accept payment in advance, yes! Service first until you are done on the day before payment ^^. They don't even ask your name or where you go on the tourist spot you visited. In short, they trust tourists even they don't know them personally. 

Nacpan is located quite distant around 1 hr to 2hrs ride on the tricycle, but the good thing if you are on a tricycle, the vehicle is enclosed so you are safe from the rain and relax on the ride. 

For private vehicle, go northern part of El Nido town. Along the Taytay - El Nido national hi-way, a Ibahay road access is seen after Ahana Resort where you will have that road to reach Nacpan Beach road access. Simply go straight until you will see on the left side a road access to Nacpan Beach.

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