This is Mabua Pebble Beach, is located at Barangay Mabua that is tourist spot that is close to Surigao City main town. Pebble? Yes! smooth stones larger on what we expect to pebbles that are commonly used for home decorations. As shown above a calm and neat bay that is open to public for swimming.

What's on this ?

Beautiful cottages that are made of bamboos and woods used to occupy the stretch of this pebble beach where people have their picnics. These cottages takes a lot of damage during tropical storm considering that Surigao City is among the places as known as gateway of tropical storm entering the country. However, on vacations and holidays, this spot is really occupied by several people who wants to swim at sea and relax.

The calmness of the place is really relaxing while the pebbles are really perfect for picture taking.

Long Stretch of Pebble Beach


How to get there

Mabua Pebble Beach is located at the Northern part of Surigao City.

For Public transport,

From Surigao City, look for a Jeepney with route of Barangay Mabua particularly at the PUJ/PUB Central Terminal.

For private transport,                

From northern part of Mindanao, you

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