Bell Church, a temple of Chinese Filipino situated at Barangay Balili, La Trinidad Benguet. This property is particularly at the Chinese community of La Trinidad Benguet led by Chinese immigrant "Ng Pee". The structures and landscapes of this property are inspired by Ng Clan hometown in China, which is at the Hill.

What can we do? 

For tourists, authenticity of tourist spot is really a big deal since this brought out things like "We can only have and see things like this here.." and that is true. Other places may have temple similar to this one but the landscapes are particularly develop based on the existing area and the community. Therefore, taking several pictures within the property is good and also entails appreciating the community that have offered something to other people and not only for their devotees. 

Bell Church Property


In short, that "Something to the other People" simply mean "Tourism". Tourism is a cultural phenomenon that help people to understand things as a whole. On this, the faith and Chinese culture are particularly highlighted in the entire property that brings the Authenticity of this Chinese Filipino Temple. It is fine to take picture but make sure to avoid unnecessary noise when move around.

Bell Church Entrance

For the schedule, make sure to follow the said schedule provided at the access road to the Chinese community.

As shown,
Bell Church 

8:00am to 11:30am - Open

11:30am to 1:30pm - Break

1:30pm to 4:00pm - Open


How to get there

For public transport,

From Baguio City, look for a Jeepney that is going to La Trinidad that are possibly beside the Burnham Park. Rate is 15 to 30php. Better to inform the driver ahead that you are going to Bell Church that is near the border of Baguio city and La Trinidad. This is also near to Valley of Colors tourist spot.

For private,

Simply go to La Trinidad Municipality, next to Baguio border. You simply see the property of Bell Church at the highway while entering La Trinidad Benguet. This is also near to Valley of Colors tourist spot.

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