Asian Buffet is renowned as one of the extravagant buffet in the world, in which most people really enjoy Asian foods particularly for tourists. Yes, Asian cuisines has a wide variety of spices and authentic cuisines. Royal Panda is one of these authentic cuisines that offers enticing food varieties on their buffet. Shown above is meat side and noodle options of these buffet. There are six options on this side, which some on we can identify is Chicken Adobo, Balbalcua, Grilled Pork, Bistek, Sotanghon, and more. 

Veggies, Sea Foods Station, and Soda/Juice Side

On the other side, we have veggies such as chopsuey, spicey eggplant slice, shrimp with mussels, chinese style pancit canton, and more. They offer two options of rice such as plane and chow pan rice. Another good thing on this buffet, they offer unli drinks for pepsi products and juices. how good is that ?😂

Pork Station

Well, obviously this station is for pork meat eater hahaha! There are three options, not sure if they have different styles of preparing aside on these options, but we see on the main dish grilled pork (SINUGBA) 😁 that is already a plus for most of pork eater.  These three options are Pork Binagoongan, Pork Kare-Kare, and the legendary "HUMBA" ahaha!

Siomai Station

This is the Dim Sum (Siomai) Station covered with secured steel container keeping it hot and yummy. Packed in two pieces per container and ready to eat. Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese snack and we Filipino we eat with rice. Yes, the "Siomai Rice" meme is true ahahaha! most of us on tight budget especially to young ones really enjoy this pair of a dim sum (siomai) and a rice which is handy and affordable. 

Maki Sushi Roll

This is traditional Japanese food, Maki Sushi Roll. Yeah, since this is an Asian Buffet then the renowned food preparation is really offered. For someone who really enjoy sushi, like us ahaha! then better to pick some pieces here. This is cold as to note, sushi's are served fresh. 

Dessert Station

For desserts, they have macaroni salad, mixed fruits, and milked jelly. These three options are really perfect which these solved everything we have eat and burp up ahahah! For the Rates ?

Can you believe it? ahahaha! Yes, this is 250php all in with no left overs. So, better to prepare and enjoy the food when you visit. 

How to get there

For Public Transport,

Ride a public bus within the city that is bound to West of the city. You can have jeepneys route like Bulua, Iponan, Opol, and Westbound Terminal route. Simply inform the conductor or driver to drop you off at Kauswagan Caltex, Royal Panda located on the right on the road behind a Caltex Gasoline Station. Rate is 8 to 12php.

For Private Transport, 

Simply go straight Caltex Kauswagan, this is the common landmark on this spot which also most people know this place. Take note, Royal Panda is behind the Caltex Gasoline Station.

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