Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village - Every Culture View and Amusement Ride Counts

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a wonderful place with full of attractions. The place is really vast suitable for tourists and group outings. The native style embedded with a modern technology is one of a kind. Aside of its culture inspired environment, the place is also embody an amusement park.

The amusement rides are really fun especially to those rides done with water. Riders requires to have a raincoat in order to prevent being dank of the spattering water. The UFO ride seems to be the summit of the amusement rides in which it provide a very beautiful open view of the entire Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, and the sudden DROP!, which is an experience for the people to experience a fastest movement possible related to gravity. The details of the trip is provided on the video link shown below, please follow us on our YouTube channel that has this short video.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village Rates with all the rides package is provided below. Note, tourists should present passport at the ticketing office in order to avail a promo rate for tourist.

Make use of the time to enjoy everything in the Area. A family trip is really good as well as friends. Don't forget for a UFO RIDE! ahahahahaha! , it is really cool. 

How to get there: 

A cheapest way to visit Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is to negotiate a taxi for a round trip transportation or have a promo tour package provided online. Accessible at Taichung City, while the rate of the Ticket is already provided above. 

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