During breaks and holidays, people wants to unwind and spend time with family and special someone. It is good to find a place like this that anyone can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea while laying down on the sand of the shoreline. Commonly it is known as midway in which some people called it as midway because the place is in between Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City. Midway is a resort same to Hapitanan Resort that has white sand beach shoreline located in Tubigan-Initao Misamis Oriental.

Hapitanan Resort is beside Blu Sands (also a good resort with recreational facilities and more ) that has a cheaper entrance fee compared to Midway and Blu Sands Resort. It has parking space inside and outside the resort for guests with vehicle. Entrance fee is only 10php and the resort has store and some stalls for food access. A video is provided below for seabed view for areas with 5ft and above depth.

Rate of Cottages and Rooms
1500php Cottages

700php Cottage

300php Cottage

200php Cottages

1000php Non-Aircon Room
 good for 2pax

1500php Aircon Room
good for 2pax

3000php Family Room 


Hapitanan resort has easy access to the beach that guests can pitch tents on the front close to the sea. The resort is clean while the sea is really clear especially on areas with distant from the shoreline. There are areas with floating seaweeds because some part of the seabed has seaweeds but it is free from sharp corals anyone can enjoy swimming without anything to worry about. Bath and Shower Room rate is 10php. 

How to get there: 

Ride a jeepney from City proper 
10php to 12php
bound for Bulua Terminal or Westbound Terminal,

Then, ride a Bus from Westbound Terminal
50php to 70php 
bound for Iligan City or western Mindanao that will pass through Tubigan, Initao. Make sure that the driver or the conductor is aware that you will get off at Hapitanan Beach or Blu Sands resort.  

For assistance, you can send us an email or comment below. We can refer you for transport.

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  1. sir thank you sa info.... naay restaurant dinha?.. or cafeteria?.. knang pwde me mukaon?.. thanks