Both structures are part of historical fragments to be remembered, since it associate the development of Bantay municipality during and after spanish colonial era. The Bantay Church is known as Shrine of Our Lady of Charity, established in 1590 and one of the oldest church in Ilocos Region. The Bantay Watchtower is an old structure built in 1591 used to watch over pirates during spanish colonial era. It is something we should think on how this structure protect a part of the Philippines and secure the people. 

Entrance or donation for the spot is around 10php to 15php. It really helps to lend a certain amount of money for its maintenance so that this historical structure will sustain for more years. The tower has several bells inside while the top still gives a beautiful view of Bantay municipality. We are so amazed that this structure is more than 400 years and can still accommodate a lot of people in watcher/s area on the top. Local products are available that tourists can select food properly because a lot of seller offers free taste. Enjoy the locals hospitality! :) 

How to get there: 

For this type of trip, you can rent a Van or any SUV if you are in a bigger group. It saves a lot of your budget. If you are in a smaller group or solo traveler, have a public transport from manila. Go to central bus station going to Northern Luzon.

For assistance, you can send us an email or comment below. We can refer you for transport.

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