The renewable power source of the north that is capable of 33 Megawatts as the entire wind farm. Each is 70 meters high with Vestas V82 1.65 MW wind turbines and capable of supplying a barrio or brgy. with one of that wind mill. It is good to our nature because it does not contribute to pollution. 

It preserved the environment of  Bangui, Ilocos Norte. As an engineer, I highly appreciate this technology found in the North since it can protects and preserve the Nature while we are moving for our technology. I hope other provinces and places in Philippines will make use of this technology. Other than that, I observed another technology is now trying to be developed by the northern engineers and scientists, hope it will succeed. Good luck to you guys, send me an invitation if you will be presenting it to public. ahahaha! 

How to get there:

For this type of trip, you can rent a Van or any SUV if you are in a bigger group. It saves a lot of your budget. If you are in a smaller group or solo traveler, have a public transport from manila. Go to central bus station going to Northern Luzon.

For assistance, you can send us an email or comment below. We can refer you for transport.

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