Wat Pho Temple

As practical tourists, we always look for the cheapest way to visit tourist spots and landmarks. Checking the map of Bangkok, we noticed that our hostel, "New Siam Guesthouse", is close to a Ferry Port at the "Phra Arthit" Pier. We decided to check if we can ride a boat instead of having tuktuk or auto taxi as we go around Bangkok. The Phra Arhit Pier is near to Santichaipraka Park where you can have a beautiful view of Rama VIII Bridge.

For boat transportation, you can choose tourist boat or boat express. The tourist boat has stations that are close to the tourist spots in Bangkok. It is obviously designed for tourists and it cost around 40 baht. The boat express has 30 stations including some of the stations of tourist boat. It is designed for mass transportation but tourists like us can also ride and it cost only 15 baht. 

Tourist Boat Stations

Boat Express or Regular Passenger Boat Stations

In order to be in the culture of Thai people, we visited the Siam Museum in which "Siam" is the former name of Thailand. Unfortunately, the museum is not open maybe because it is Saturday when we have our visit or due to the mourning of Thai people for King Bhumibol Adulyadej ninth monarch of Thailand. The museum supposed to be exhibiting the national identity and history of the people of Thailand.

Siam Museum

Wat Pho or Temple of Reclining Buddha is adjacent to the Siam Museum, we went there instead of walking around the Siam Museum Plaza. 

Wat Pho Buddha

"Wat Pho" derive from the old name "Wat Photoram" birthplace of Thai Massage and one of the oldest temple in Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is rebuilt by King Rama I and expanded by King Rama III. It become the center for public education having largest collection of Buddha images in Thailand. It is also known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha or Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn as its official name.

Wat Pho Thai Massage Rate

How to get there: 

Cheapest way is walk to the nearest station of boat express to catch a trip, then get off at Tian Pier rate is 15 baht.

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