Paoay Church is another structure to be proud of, since it is considered as National Cultural Treasure by UNESCO World Heritage Site, completed in 1710 "The Paoay Church". When I first to looked at the church, I felt like I was into a wallpaper because of its distinctness. It seemed too strong to sustain heavy loads with creative designs.

There is a beautiful garden with some sheds and benches to sit located beside the church. Tourists can take picture and enter the area free. There are also souvenir shop located withing the area with snacks to buy.

There are restaurants and also more souvenir shops near the Paoay Church. Restaurant that offers food to dine-in are quite cheap here, so it is a good time to have lunch or dinner at this place.

How to get there: 

For this type of trip, you can rent a Van or any SUV if you are in a bigger group. It saves a lot of your budget. If you are in a smaller group or solo traveler, have a public transport from manila. Go to central bus station going to Northern Luzon.

For assistance, you can send us an email or comment below. We can refer you for transport.

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