Mount Tapyas is really a good spot for people who wants to take some time to think and relax. It has view over Coron Town proper that several tourists take this as a first spot to visit. The summit is around 700 steps from the jump off spot or drop off area, which is quite intimidating but don't worry there are a lot of benches to take a rest while ascending to the summit. 

Aside of tourists, Mount Tapyas viewdeck is also used for physical fitness activity by locals. The viewdeck ground is spacious in which it can accommodate a huge number of people. Benches are also available within the area while a huge Cross stand at the center that serves as a Religious structure situated at the summit of Mount Tapyas.

Several tourists take it as an opportunity to take picture with Mt. Tapyas - Coron Palawan signage particularly at the foot of the huge Cross. Yes! Take it as an opportunity also as a tourist ahahaha! Enjoy the view over Coron and its Islands.

How to get there: 

Have a tricycle within Coron Town, it serves a taxi in Coron. Rate is around 100php+ for a special trip. If walking is fine with you, then simply follow the path going to Mt. Tapyas drop off area in which Mt. Tapyas is visible at the Coron port and market. 

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