Coron Ultimate Island Tour is a package which highlights most of the island hopping tour. The package includes tour in destinations like Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pecados/ Skeleton Wreck, Coral Garden and CYC Beach. The above image is the enchanting view of Kayangan Lake; tourists are not allowed to swim without wearing life jacket.

View Deck near Kayangan Lake

The view deck at Kayangan Lake offers a stunning view of islands of Coron. It seems like a post card because of a perfectly matched nature colors. Do avoid going here during peak hours (mostly morning) because this spot is quite crowded.

Kayangan Lake

Swimming in Twin Lagoon is relaxing; its water is a mixture of salt and freshwater that's why the water temperature is alternating between warm and cold. The Lagoon is being enclosed by beautiful and unique rock formations so take time to loosen up while enjoying the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

Twin Lagoon Access

Underwater shots are really good for Coron tours. The beautiful crystal clear lakes are really fascinating, you should never miss to take a photo or video of these beautiful sceneries. Here's a short video of our trip.

As you observe, mostly are water adventures, hence prepare your best water gears for Coron Trip: goggles and underwater cameras.  You may choose to use swimming goggles instead of a snorkeling mask since it's easy to handle when pressure changes upon diving underneath.

CYC Beach

How to get there:

Most of  Coron Island Tours and Tourist Boats are found at the port near Luwalhati Park of Coron Town. However, flyers of travel and tour agencies are available at Busuanga Airport which tourists can review, and contact and negotiate for an island tour later on.

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