The Grand Palace, one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bangkok. It is the place where Kings of Siam reside since 1782 until 1925. It is now used or official events such as state functions, royal ceremonies, and the likes.

Grand Palace Walkway to Entrance

Entrance of Grand Palace

Upon entering be aware of the dress code, both men and women are required to dress properly; sleeveless, short pants and mini skirts are not allowed. After the security check you can now start to wander inside the Grand Palace.

The Grand Palace Ground

Bring an umbrella or anything that can protect you from sun rays. While walking in the Grand Palace, we observe a wide ground beside that has splendid view of Grand Palace. A lot of people are taking pictures in this area, better be ready when you get there.

The Grand Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha Booth

Main Structure of the Temple of Emerald Buddha

Upon entering, we observed several structures that caught our attention. You will enjoy taking pictures while roaming around. People are also allowed to enter the structure where the Emerald Buddha enshrined, but taking picture and video were prohibited inside the structure.

Emerald Buddha

Phra Sri Rattana Chedi - Phra Mondop - Prasat Phra Thep Bidon

Aside of the temple of Emerald Buddha main structure, there are other structures that you can also look at. There are more or less thirty structures with different designs and inspired of Thai culture. Take your time to roam around, so you can make use of what you've paid for.

Phra Sawet Kudakhan Wihan Yot

Ho Phra Monthian Tham

Ho Phra Nak

After the Emerald Buddha visit, we came across the Grand Palace building that also amazed us. It is really huge and impressive in which the structure manifest nobility.

Chakri Maha Prasat

Phra Maha Prasat

The Queen Sirikit Museum is located near the main entrance of the Grand Palace. Taking picture inside the museum is prohibited but you can enjoy the museum shop where you can buy souvenirs. Inside the museum you can see the different Queen's dresses and some state visit videos. Queen Sirikit Kitiyakara  (also known Queen Mother of Thailand) is the queen consort of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the mother of King Vajiralongkorn ( present King of Thailand ).

Queen Sirikit

After the Grand Palace tour, we decided to have our lunch outside area. We saw this small eatery close to Grand Palace. It is quite cheap and for a quick meal it is already enough to fill us up. Drinks is also available such as coke and other beverages.

How to get there:

Ride a boat express along Chao Phraya River or have a tourist boat that has particularly station stops on tourist spots in which rate varies from 15 to 30 Baht. The Grand Palace is at the center of Bangkok Area, therefore a tuk-tuk ride within bangkok area is another a good option in which rate is around 20 to 50 Baht.

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