Philippines is rich in tropical rainforest ecosystem that coconut is a common fruit tree to be seen around. Aside of cooking oil, coconut fruit are also used to create cosmetics and soaps. However, as coconut oil compared to palm oil that is also used for cosmetics, soaps, biofuel, etc. it highlights some advantages.

These advantages are points that should be considered for the benefits of both fruit tree. The usage of palm oil continue even on its issues further decline for consumption. The word used to market more for palm oil is the "Sustainability" that is quite convincing to consumers.

Which is better?

Palm Oil or Coconut Oil

If it will based on research and recent findings, Coconut Oil still the healthiest oil for consumption even it has high saturated fat that tends to solidify at low temperature provided that it is a natural characteristic of coconut oil. Also, it has a lot of benefits based on science especially for human skin.

Palm oil is also good oil since the production cost is less compared to coconut oil. It is sustainable and low-grade making it easy choice for manufacturers. It has less saturated fats compared to coconut oil.

It is about the choice of having healthy food or save more money. For health conscious, coconut oil is really a good choice while palm oil can be used to build other product related to cosmetics, etc..

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