Senso-ji Temple, also known as "Asakusa Kannon Temple", is one of the most visited tourist spots in Tokyo, Japan. It is a Buddhist temple build around year 640, which is considered as an oldest temple in this capital city of Japan.
It is a wonderful structures that emphasizes the culture of Japan. Behind this structure are two life size man and woman Statues that is part of this religious representation. These are man and woman Statues that some local believes of having luck with the Man figure, so a lot of people approached it and also take pictures.

Along with this temple, a shopping street that is inspired by Japanese tradition called Nakamise. Well, travelers can buy souvenirs in this area with different varieties. Also, it also good to take pictures along the street together with its traditional decorations.  

How to get there: 

Tobu Railways and Asakusa Subway Line are close to this area, so people with ease access to this railways will be able to have an convenient visit to this tourist spot. For people with ease access to Tokyo Station can have JR Yamanote Line for Kanda Station then transfer to Ginza Subway Line for Ueno Station, then have a taxi or a 12 minutes walk for Asakusa.

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