The International Doll House

This is the one of a kind Doll House in the Philippines - the Ocean View Park Doll House located at the town of Mangagoy-Bislig City in the Province of Surigao del Sur, Philippines.

Only few people in the world having this kind of collections and luckily a person in the Philippines decided to share her collections to the people. If you are thinking of an ordinary doll that you can buy some at the mall, then it is not. Think of a doll that has the same price tag of a car, because these are the ones sold to a highest bidder. Do you remember Rose of the movie "Titanic"? A genuine doll on how she really looks shown below.

Rose from the movie "Titanic"

A short briefing before entering the room where the dolls are stored, this is to remind the visitors for the do's and don't's because some dolls are really sensitive. The room is really cold with 24/7 AC chilling temperature to maintain figures of some dolls that area made of wax, so better have a coat to stay longer and enjoy.

Note: Photo taking inside especially on dolls is not really allowed but we just sincerely ask the brother of the collector to take some for particular write ups and luckily we take some few. 

Briefing Room

A part of the Room for Dolls

Dolls are properly arranged as convenient to viewers to look around. If you are into details when you look around then you will enjoy seeing these one of a kind dolls and noticing some of their inspiration.
The famous barbie dolls are also part of these collections which they are bought from different countries with its different countries national dress. 

A Barbie Doll in Red Dress

Also, I notice huge baby dolls that really looks as real baby. Each of these has its own stories, so better listen to the guide as they mention everything about each of these dolls. 

Baby Doll

This baby doll catches our attention because of its cuteness and red-pink color outfit. Those brownish eyes signifies as Asian and obviously this one has a Chinese outfit ahahah! Most of these baby dolls are really cuddly so better to have someone really loves babies. 

After taking time to view the dolls, then go to their Ocean View Park Restaurant. We suggest you to try their food aside of having variety of choices of western cuisine, still the rates and quality of food are affordable and good. Compared to a usual tourist spot with overpriced food rates, Ocean View Park Restaurant offers a fair price therefore how perfect is that? :D 

Restaurant Kitchen and Menu Board

Pizzas and Salads

They served hot pizza still at a fair price and mixed salads, so for those who are in a diet then have this food menu to see.  

Dine-in Area with Open View to the Sea

Ocean View Park mini Playground and View Deck

We believe this has a very good view on this area while having your food at the dining area, and it is just gloomy and raining during our visit. On the view deck, you take a lot of pictures side by side and take a deep breath while facing the ocean, then reminisce happy moments. 

Life is a choice, so be HAPPY! :)

How to get there:

Entrance is visible and accessible particularly at the Highway of Barangay Gamawon(a barangay before next to Mangagoy). Ocean view park is situated at the elevated part of Bislig City, where you can have a tricycle or jeepney at the terminal if you are at the town of Mangagoy. Rate is around 10php to 15php. 

If you are on public bus from Butuan and San Franz then inform the driver to drop you off at the entrance of Ocean View Park. For private vehicle, you can directly go to this place where this is only after Mangagoy if you are from Davao or before Mangagoy if you are from Butuan or San Franz.

You need to hike stairs with more or less 100 steps from the entrance, so for those having difficulty in walking then ask some assistance. ATV or some four wheels can go through because lane for wheeled vehicle is provided. 

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