This is the renowned Mangima Spring Resort of Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. Most visited during summer season to cool down and spend time together family and friend. The resort offers a very vast area that can accommodate several parties and gatherings with enough social distancing.

Overview of the Largest Pool

If we are into facilities for standard pool, then this resort offers great since this resort have four different size of pool with specific purposes. As shown on the heading image, the 1st pool is for toddlers, these are 1 to 3 years old that can stand alone and play, well that little one smiling on the pic is a toddler and he really enjoy that pool. (Note: not the one on his back because that is a pool for adults 😃😄 )

The second pool is for kids, these are for 4 to 12 years old that can roam around independently. The third pool is for young adult and adult, these are the ones who can swim and be able to manage several pool activities. 

Largest Pool

Lastly, the forth pool is the largest  square shape designed for some professional swimmers and adults that are really good swimmers. It is noticeable that this pool has a stair like concrete beside kinda benches for some audience or simply watchers of the people who decided to swim on this pool. 

Rooms for Overnight Stay

Individual Rooms or Villas

These are the facilities for visitors who want to stay late or overnight. It is noticeable that these modern type villas are new in which these added to the existing facility of the resort and looks really nice. 

How to get there:

If you are from CDO, then have a bus that is bound for Bukidnon just simply ask the driver if the bus  will pass through Mangima Spring Resort. Rate is around 50 to 100php 

If you are from Malaybalay, then make sure before reaching the main town of Manolo Fortich, you will be arriving Mangima Spring Resort. This is before the renowned Mangima down hill zigzag road. Rate is still around 50 to 100php.

Entrance Fee is 55php each 
Cottages and Deck ranges from 300 to 1500php

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