The "Tinuy-an Falls" is the country's flagship for countless number of falls in Nature. This wonder in nature is discovered at the rainforest of Bislig City (also known as Organic City) in the Province of Surigao del Sur. If you heard about Niagara Falls of the Philippines and seen a big picture of falls at the Philippines NAIA Terminal 3, then this is it! 

Welcome Banner Inspired by Nature

Entrance with the Tinuy-an 1st Level Falls

Due to the hype of tourism especially the people who wants to see this Falls, several developments has been done to this area. A creative welcome banner, and concrete road and walkway are already build for people convenience visiting this place. Before, this is inaccessible by car and even difficult for hikers to visit, because Tinuy-an Falls is situated at the middle of the very thick forest of the province.

A thanks to the former largest industrial company of Asia, "PICOP" means "Paper Industries Corporation of the Philippines" who build the first road via Mabog for the development. 

Tinuy-an Falls First Level

First level is not just for a show, it stand around 20ft high and more or less 100m wide. With that, you can already enjoy a lot by swimming and even jumping on this part of the falls. 

It is safe? so far we have jumped several times on left side part facing falls where you can find enough depth for a wacky jump and world class jump with backflip ahahaha! 😆. This is before, we are not sure if it is still allowed but better to try this once in a lifetime.

Tinuy-an Falls Middle Part

How good it is?

Okay, lets be straightforward, so we can save a lot of time reading this blog ahahaha!

As shown above, the size of this falls is really stunning. Yes! this is massive with multiple levels. The best time to visit for picture taking is during "Rain Season". Tinuy-an falls will show you the real power of falls that coming near to Her (Tinuy-an Falls) is difficult for breathing and deafening sound of water drop, partly shown on this blog with a toddler smiling at you as he is again the model of the featured image. Ahahaha!

The middle part is kinda the main part of Tinuy-an Falls standing more than 50ft and more or less 100m wide. Clearly, this falls is one of kind where you can go through behind the water drop of the falls during summer when the current and volume of water is not heavy as usual. Make use of the bamboo float (also known as Gakit) if you don't have enough courage to swim nearing the falls.

Note: Behind the falls water drop, there is a vacant space that people can set or even lie down and enjoy watching the place behind falls water drop.

Top of the Tinuy-an Falls Middle Part

This spot still stunning because the top of the middle part has open space where you can still swim and even dive. However, please be careful because you might enjoy it so much and forget that you are on top of more than 50ft high falls ahahahaha!

Tinuy-an Falls Third Level

This level is accessible through a very steep stairs build beside the falls.  It is free however you have to go with a guide and its up to you on how much you give as a tip. With that, please support this system because local guide really help to keep you safe especially when you go up and even while enjoying the the place. 

As you can see, the third level still offers stunning spot to enjoy where you can have water massage on water drops and refreshes yourself by simply watching the multiple drops. Enjoy taking picture with the family, special someone, or even photo shoot with you OOTD. 

Water Drop Massage

Close-up Picture with the Family

For more pictures simply visit our partner  Tech in Photography

How to get there:

For Public
The most accessible way going to Tinuy-an Falls is by having a habal-habal ride at the town of Mangagoy, this is the town next to Bislig proper. When you arrive at Mangagoy, ask some tricycle driver to take you to the habal-habal terminal for Burboanan. Burboanan is the closest barangay to Tinuy-an Falls where most drivers accept special ride going to Tinuy-an Falls. However, if you don't feel settled with habal-habal ride, then across the Bus Terminal at Mangagoy, tourist vans offers a ride going to Tinuy-an falls and some tourist spot within Surigao del Sur.

Habal-habal - 100 to 200php
Tourist Van - 300 to 500php

For Private
There are two path going to Tinuy-an Falls and these are via Burbonan (the new path) and via Mabog (the old path). The most developed access road is via Burbonan where the entrance is at barangay Gamawon, where you will see signage's for Tinuy-an Falls at the hi-way.  

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