"HUGO Skye Lounge" - "Sierra del Oro Resort" - "Amaya View" are some of the commonly used to call this place and for whatever the reasons of it, only one thing we are sure that these place offers a best view over the Central Northern Mindanao. This is Amaya View as far as we know of now located also in barangay Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City. 

Noah's Ark Amusement Park at Amaya View still tops the highest structure build within the territory of Cagayan de Oro, that provide opportunities to people to reach some height with less or even without worry on heights. Yes! this is inspired by a Biblical Noah's Ark that surely family and kids will enjoy.

Noah's Ark Amusement Park

What's New?  

Yah! Several locals already visited this spot and especially for tourists that drops off at Cagayan de Oro City. However, some guests are not able fully explore this facility probably because having a lot of time taking picture on the life-size animal figure ahaha! Yeah! can't help it! so instagrammable :D. As shown, this structure is situated at the another peak of Indahag Hills that is more likely similar to its inspiration on a mountain peak.

Life-Size Animal Figure

There are a lot of life-size animals figure that you may forget that real animals are also on this place. :D 

Yes! animals that can only found abroad such as tiger, alpaca, donkey, other specie of cow, and more. Kids and even adult will enjoy on viewing and educating ourselves about this animals. Descriptions and scientific names are provided, so no worries about that in case you don't catch up with the tour guide discussion.

Mini Zoo at Noah's Ark

Feel tired and hungry? 

Shuttle going back to the Amaya View drop off is not yet available?

Then, take a break inside the Noah's Ark that offers snacks and chicken meal. Food can be served hot with cold drinks. How good is that? :D ahahaha!

Noah's Ark Food Bar

This is really good when your visit is morning hitting lunch, then better stay here a little bit to have lunch, relax, and feel the unique environment inside the Ark. Others may climb up to its view deck, which is really high. You may ask how high is that? :D 

Noah's Ark Side View Deck

As you can see, peak of the hills can be seen on this view while maintaining the view on the City. We can say that it is good to visit afternoon or near sunset because this is an open space, direct sunlight may cause discomfort. Another thing, city lights started to show up on this time, therefore view on the city is more appreciated.

Entrance fee is 100php for adult, and 50php for 3years old and below. 

What else?

Oh~! this duck selfie again ahahaha! my gad :D, anyway probably this is his simple proof that he really get there nyahahaha! observing that high view deck across is lower than where at. This is the front view deck of the Ark that you can observe paragliding take off and other stuffs that may good in photography. Sorry guys, we don't have blogger cam yet :D so images is not that clear, unless you support our page probably if we got sponsor then have a better camera so we can show you how beautiful this place is. :D 

How to get there:

For public transport, 
Have a Jeepney ride bound for Barangay Indahag within the City, simply inform the driver or conductor to drop you off at the "HUGO or Amaya View Crossing" rate is 20 to 30php. At the crossing, wait for some motorcycle "Habal-Habal" that offers ride to Hugo rate is round 50 to 100php that depends on your deal with them. 

For private transport, 
From the city, you can have via Macasandig simply go straight up to Indahag then make sure you will find signages about HUGO or Amaya on the side as entrance road when reach the top of the steep road. From uptown, you can have via Taguanao then at a cross road in Indahag area turn right where you see a steep road going up.

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