Boracay Island is renowned to the whole world as one of the most beautiful island for luxury and economic tourists. However, only few of us know how this island become as the "Best White Sand Island of the World". Do you have any idea? We guess so ahahaha! Before that, we must know where, why, and how to know more about this Paradise Island - Boracay. 

Boracay is an Island situated at Caticlan, a barangay of the Municipality of Malay that is part of the province of Aklan, Philippines. As island that embodies highest quality powdered white sand and beautiful sunset view, many people visited this island started on nearby province. 

Before, some part of the island hides its powdery white sand behind the larger broken corals and some grass on the bay. Therefore, people who visited the island only occupies those area where powdery white sand is already visible. 

As time pass by, this spot become famous and the number of tourists increases every year. With that, several investors gain interest for developing this spot. The White Sand Beach Stations where most people stay have been developed to an unobstructed spot without any larger broken corals and grass. The stretch of the beach become more visible from station 1 to station 3. Restaurants are asked to move backward so the beach area will become larger to accommodate more people on the island. With the recent rehabilitation of the island, this tourist spot become more beautiful. 

Shown below is the iconic rock formation on the front of the Boracay Island White Sand Beach Stations that is commonly used for advertisement about Boracay. This spot is open for public where rich and poor tourists are equal for viewing and taking picture while foods and accommodations availability varies from cheap to luxurious expensive. So, because of this system, every tourists will be having an opportunity to enjoy on this Island - Boracay.

White Island Beach Rock Formation

In short, Boracay Island has an established Tourism for Everyone with Exclusive Beauty, that's why it become as the Best White Sand Beach of the World. 

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How to get there:

At the town of Caticlan, go to the port for a ferry going to the Boracay Island. Rate is around 100 to 200php. 

At the Boracay Island port, have a tricycle going to the White Sand Beach Stations. Rate is around 50php to 150php. 

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