Session Road is the famous road in Baguio and to all tourists nationwide. Yes, Baguio City is really a nice place for everything in vacation especially to people who want to experience a smooth chilling ambience surroundings.

Baguio is a city in the province of Benguet that is part of administrative region of Cordiller and known as the summer capital of the Philippines.

Then, why we talk about Baguio, our topic is Session Road? Ahahaha! 

Our topic is really the "Why?" between Session Road and Baguio because they are so much related. Yes, when we talk about Baguio this also discuss about Session Road and vice versa, the question is WHY? 

Malcolm Square - People's Park


Why Session Road - Baguio?

Historical background with the present setup is the answer. For historical background, this spot is where the Philippine Commission held its first Session dated 1904. With that, this remark as gathering that today is very noticeable when you pass through this road. 

Session Road is 1.7km in length passing through different businesses and tourist spot such as restaurants, variety of shops, bazaar, malls, road access to all roads within the City, and hangouts on some spots shown above at the Malcolm Square or Peoples Park. 

Yes, Malcolm Square is partly at the Session Road where the best place to relax at Night, sit anywhere and listening to some people have "Hugot" talk more likely similar to "Poem of Emotions" (no idea on the term of "hugot" in English ahahahaha!) in public and later Serenade the people that stay at the Square like we usually seen in the movie shoot in Paris. 

Yeah! We have that here in the Philippines with cold night environment having a thick clothes while renewing your emotions on these activities at the Square.

How good is that? 🍷🍻🍵 😊

A short video is provided below. Video is taken by our low tech phone  😂 sorry kinda blurry, and also this place is really cold at night.



 A glimpse of Session Road at night shown below, also this guy again show up with his duck style selfie ahahaha! Yes, at night this road become so busy on business. Traffic congestion is noticeable and enchanting restaurant and shop lights up. Tourists are everywhere and yes we can say why this road is really renowned nationwide that coincide the summer capital of the Philippines. 

Session Road Baguio at Night

How to get there

For public transport,

Session road is mostly accessible with all Public Jeepney route that go around Baguio City. Rate is 10 to 20php.  

For private,

Simply go Burnham Park, right side of the park next to Baguio Night Market is where the other end of Session Road.

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