Cloud 9, seems to be familiar brand for Pinoy and Yes! if you think about the renowned chocolate here in the Philippine, that's the one 😁. If we remember correctly, these brand uses stunts in its advertisement that actually catches consumers attention. These turned into an renowned expression here in Philippines, instead of saying stunts or "Pahanga" which in bisaya "Pasikat", we use pa Cloud 9 (x2) ahahaha!

So, as 90s gen, we believe the name of this spot was inspired by that expression, considering the spot is one of the best surfing spot in the world. Cloud 9 is located at the end spot of General Luna in Siargao Island of Surigao del Norte.

An admission fee of 100php is required and 500php for 3 hours surfing board rent with instructor training. If you are thinking about the crowd, that depends on its season. September to November would be the crowded because it is surfing season and some festival happening on the Island.
Cloud 9 View Deck


If you are not yet ready to try surfing, you can still enjoy by simply watching others trying to surf and those Professional Surfer having its training. Yes! It is really fun to watch that several people now in the Philippines wants to surf.

Wondering if children can surf ?
They can, since small long boards and skim boards are available for children but toddlers can only watch unless if they are accompanied by their professional surfer parents 😄. Our baby as shown below really enjoy surfing and looking at us as if we are a surfer parent and honestly we are not but we want to try it ahahahaha!

Toddler View at Cloud 9

At Siargao Island, several offers Motorcycle and Tricab rental, rate is 300 to 400php per day for motorcycle while 1000php per day for Tricab. If you want a larger vehicle, that's 1500 to 3000php four wheels. If you really love adventure with family like us, then have a Tricab ahahaha! just make sure you asked how to operate it before having the rental. 😁

How to get there

For public transport,

From any point of Mindanao, ride a bus going to Surigao City, Surigao del Norte. Rate is around 400php to 1000php. From the bus terminal in Surigao City have a tricycle to take you to Surigao Port for Siargao Island, rate is 20 to 50php. At port, you have several options for ferry RORO rate is around 200 to 300php while for Fast Craft rate is at 400 to 500php. If you are traveling without a vehicle then have a fast craft, it takes only 1hr and 30mins while for ferry RORO would take 4 to 5hrs going to Siargao Island. At Dapa port, you have a commute at the terminal near the port for 50php from Dapa to General Luna. Inform the driver to drop you off at Cloud 9.

For private transport,

At the Surigao Port for Siargao Island, several pay parking offers where you can park safely your car before going to Siargao. Rate is 250 to 350php per day. If you want to take your car then have RORO but that's additional expenses since you need to take your car back and port via RORO and time consuming. So, have a Auto Rental when you arrived at Siargao Island, rate is around 2000php to 3000php for four wheels.

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