This is SUTU, one of the pioneer restaurant at HUGO Skye Lounge which today known as Amaya View. Amaya View is a one of kind amusement park situated at the hills of Indahag, Cagayan de Oro City. Yes, it is at the peak of hills that offers very vast view over the City, which highlighted on our previous blog

Okay, lets go back to SUTU at Amaya View, since this is our topic on this blog before we get too far from it. πŸ˜… ahahah!

What's with this restaurant? 

A restaurant on an amusement park and in a place that offers a stunning view over the city can be so expensive as to what usually expected. However, Sutu is affordable not as cheap but we can say "worth it". Some of us tourists forgot to consider as "Is it worth it?".

Yes, we also have that in mind considering when visit places, we usually stick to the budget while still enjoying on the place we visited. Below is a shuttle ride for Noah's Ark facility of Amaya View as part of our budget, where we really enjoy. Noah's Ark adventure is on this link, you can check on that as reference of your visit soon.

Noah's Ark Shuttle Ride

The secret of having a satisfying dine, well, this will not be a secret anymore ahahahaha! so please don't forget to bring our name when you share it. πŸ˜‚ ahahaha!. This is having a soup in our choice of food or select a soup food at the menu. In case they don't have that on the menu, then ask if they can make soup on some of their food on the menu Ahahaha! you might think it is crazy, a hell NO! πŸ˜‚

This is normal for a standard restaurant that having a master Chef that make it possible. On our visit, we have grilled "Tuna Panga" but, we want also a soup then the crew told us they can make it into sinigang soup instead having it grilled. Yeah! we have the "Tuna Panga" in Sinigang Soup, not sure if they have that on the Menu but we are glad that Sutu is having that service.


All Orders Photo Ops

Then, so you can agree that we really say it is worth it. On that pic shown above, you can notice small food bowls or containers. This is for the food choice also we really want but we want to keep on the budget, so we have small orders of those. How good is that? 😊


Family Group Pic

We really enjoy the food on our visit, we also hope you have or soon. Feel free to send us comments or simply share this short blog to everyone. Thanks! Sorry for the duck selfie guy again above. ahahaha!

How to get there:

For public transport, 
Have a Jeepney ride bound for Barangay Indahag within the City, simply inform the driver or conductor to drop you off at the "HUGO or Amaya View Crossing" rate is 20 to 30php. At the crossing, wait for some motorcycle "Habal-Habal" that offers ride to Hugo rate is round 50 to 100php that depends on your deal with them. 

For private transport, 
From the city, you can have via Macasandig simply go straight up to Indahag then make sure you will find signages about HUGO or Amaya on the side as entrance road when reach the top of the steep road. From uptown, you can have via Taguanao then at a cross road in Indahag area turn right where you see a steep road going up.

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