Strawberry is a fruit confusedly known as a berry but in technical point of view is not, so what it is? ahahaha! Better to ask a Botanist regarding on that! For now lets make this simple as still a berry because it is on its name. 😂

This blog again is about the renowned strawberry capital of the Philippines, a tropical country that expected to have humid environment in contrary to strawberries that only grows in cooler environment. Yes, this is on the cooler environment in our country Philippine in which we are so glad even as a smaller country compared to gigantic countries like China and Thailand, still we have cool areas such as Benguet and Bukidnon.

La Trinidad is a municipality next to Baguio, in the province of Benguet, that you can find the strawberry capital of the Philippines. This area reaches 9.5°C as cool that some spot started to have ice pigment.

What you can expect?

Strawberries! Of course! ahaha!

Strawberry Harvest

Yes, tourists can experience strawberry harvest together with families, love ones, or friends in which as tourist we can tell this is really fun and one of kind experience. You can see the smile of the guy above with his basket filled with strawberries that he personally pick. 

However, this is not free ahaha! rate is 500php to 600php per kilo that defends on the season probably. But before you comment on the rate, you can check strawberries price tag on some groceries that are really expensive compared on this spot. 


Harvest with Loved One

Harvest with Friends

La Trinidad Strawberry Fields is really vast that is occupied by different farmers who offer this kind of activity, "Strawberry Harvest". This is cultivated properly that tourist can observed how the farmers take care on their farm. Aside of strawberries, there are some variant of vegetables also planted on this spot like lettuce.

La Trinidad Strawberry Fields and More

Fresh Vegetable on this Farm

Yeah! the quality of strawberries and the vegetables are really good, that is so inviting for us tourist. If you have visited Baguio or some place in Benguet and rent a house for a week, well, this is a good chance to shop fresh vegetables to have veggie recipes for a meal and then fruit snack recipes such as strawberry shake or jam. 

What else?

La Trinidad mixed Market

This is the market that you will pass going to the strawberry field, on this spot tourist can have goods and some foods. Souvenir shirts and other apparels can be found on this area, so you can shop here in case you need something before heading to the strawberry field and after the visit.

Souvenir Market

Local Wines and Strawberry Jams

Shown above, probably the perfect market for tourist ahahaha! the Souvenir Shops. Yeah, all of the souvenirs like keychains, strawberry jams, wallets, and more that are particularly inspired by Strawberry as the main icon of the product can be found here, located beside the entrance of the Strawberry Fields. Local wines here taste so good, better to have free taste and buy anything that suits your taste. We think everything suits to our taste ahahaha! We really love to have single bottle on each local wines.

Then, in case you did not grab the opportunity to experience strawberry harvest, you can still buy freshly harvest strawberries that are already in a container. Shown below, these are on some of the souvenir shops. So, grab this opportunity to have strawberries at a particular price.

Freshly Harvest Strawberry

In case, you will not have the strawberry harvest activity, you can still take picture on the strawberry field but this is outside the farm plot. However, we suggest to have the "Strawberry Harvest" activity so you can fully experience the enjoyment it brings on your visit.

Strawberry Fruit on its Plant

Strawberry Harvest Experience

Strawberry fruit picking is addicting ahahaha! you seek for reddish and huge fruit and even try to taste it on how sweet and aromatic it is. You have your own small basket and a small scissor to gently cut the fruit from the plant to avoid damages on the other part of the plant. So, good luck on your strawberries picking! Don't forget to take a lot of photos while picking, that is making used of the paid rate. ahahaha!

How to get there

For public transport,

From Baguio City, look for a Jeepney that is going to La Trinidad that are possibly beside the Burnham Park. Rate is 15 to 30php. Better to inform the driver ahead that you are going to Strawberry Field don't simply say La Trinidad the entire place you are going is La Trinidad Municipality which is the Strawberry Field can be found

For private,

Simply go to La Trinidad Municipality, next to Baguio which you will pass through several tourist spot like Valley of Colours.

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