MJN Farm and Cafe is a new spot for unwinding near the City of Cagayan de Oro. This is located at Barangay Baikingon accessible through barangay Iponan and Bulao. If you love the view of the image above, then better to read everything below. 😁

MJN stands for Mark, Jack.., Neri as far as we know and this is the new Open Air or "Al Fresco" spot for the public to visit. This is good for people who wants to avoid the crowd at some tourist spots and malls because the place is particularly for unwinding.
MJN Cafe

What MJN can offer? 
We can say that there's a lot and that would defend on you as guest if you are into those things 😅. Okay, lets start on "Relaxation", first as we approach the cafe we found this rattan hanging hammock which is kinda popular today probably because of its style. Hammock is obviously for relaxation because unlike to a regular chair or bed, this could swing that brings feeling of moving without exerting effort which is really feel good ahaha!. Having a hammock is similar on asking someone to get something for you instead of having yourself to go get those things. 😅

Accent Rattan Hanging Hammock
Umbrella Dine-in


This "Umbrella Dine-in" set as another feature to provide someone a 360 view of the surrounding while keeping a shade and having a possible ICED or HOT drinks on a table. How relaxing is that? ahahaha! 

How about I want more option on the foods or drinks? 

Then, food counter is here for you or simply ask for a Menu. However, we suggest you have the menu and consider going to the counter because some food is not written on the menu.

Food Counter

MJN Menu
 On the Menu, they offer a fair price for a Cafe Shop and with cheaper options if you could notice. An entrance fee is required for an adult individual but no needed for Senior, PWD, and toddler 2 years old and below. Entrance fee is at 50php with complimentary bottle of water. How good is that? 😄

Ice Cold Almond and Nutri Boost Drinks
Biko 25php/pc

Take note, when you order any coffee options it comes with a Biko! Yes, a food is free for an order any iced/hot drinks. With that, you can save 25php obviously ahahaha! while enjoying your drinks. 
If you want some light snacks, then Fries and Chips is perfect for you 😊. This light snacks is good for 2 to 4 person unless you have a good appetite for this type of food, this will be good for single person. 😅

Fries and Chips

Conference Room
Yes, they have conference room below the Cafe, not sure if this is also open for business or for personal use of the management. However, this is also a nice spot for group meetings and seminars.

Rattan Table with Stool
Rattan Table with Rattan Dining Chair

Rattan Couch with Two  Round Table
This Rattan Furniture is "Instagrammable", so better to take a lot of pictures while it is not occupied yet by customers. We like the couch with two round tabler it feels chill and most likely to have convo.

What else?
Going to the Playground

We are not yet sure for this some kind of a Dam but it feels relaxing on this spot we cross here for the playground. Then, get ready for the playground where children are free to move around while enjoying the visit. There are more ATV available here but for rent. 

Play Facility

ATV or Quadbike

ATV ride is 700php per 30minutes while the other facility is free to use such as trampoline, slide-swing-hang-climb-wheel facility, cottages, benches under the trees, etc.

For 360 view of the place, video is provided below.

How to get there

For Public transport,

From the City, look for a Jeep going to Iponan. Drop off at the "Crossing Centro Iponan", then at the terminal of motirised you can see motorcycle ride offering ride going to Baikingon.

For private transport,                

Simply go to Iponan if you are from the highway then ask for Bulao Talipapa for Baikingon which is close to a bridge of Iponan River, then at Bulao Talipapa simply turnturngo right and go straight until you reach Baikingon approximately 5km from that the Talipapa. If you are from the uptown or Bulua, then go straight at Bulao Talipapa.

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