This is Rosario Farm located in Apo sa Kahoy, a barangay in Claveria. The farm offers a beautiful unique flower garden that visitors will be able to enjoy the variety of flowers that in similar shade of maroon color.

This is a family farm but visitors are welcome to drop by as long as permitted of the owner. Aside of the flowers, a picture taking spot and camp ground are also available for people who want to enjoy the view and flower garden all day long.

Flower Garden Walkway

View on the Walkway

Aside of the flowers, this farm has on-going development of facilities in which two Indian Huts are now can be occupied. Behind of the above image is a huge Indian inspired structure that can also be occupied by larger group of visitors.

Small Indian Hut

These are the small indian inspired hut that people can occupied with scenic overlooking view.

How to get there

For Public Transport,

Ride a public bus in Agora that is bound to Claveria. The farm is on the left for bound to Gingoog and right for bound to CDO. Check for signage with "Our Camp" as landmark.

For Private Transport, 

Simply go straight to Apo sa Kahoy in Claveria. Take note, farm is on the left for bound to Gingoog and right for bound to CDO.

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