This is Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas-Nevada, a national conservation area with unique rock formation in canyon can be found in US or even in the world. If you are not into geology and do not have idea yet on it, then this is the spot to learn and enjoy. For trail trippers and hikers, this is the best spot.

Yes, this is taking cared by BLM and listed as national spot that tourists and students can visit. Fees and Passes at a reasonable rate and probably able to support for the conservation of this area. This would require a short walk on some spot so better to gear up for walking. One we have passed by is Calico Hills, as shown below. 

On this spot, we can observed particularly the red rocks, literally these are red or reddish. If you have a camera to take picture, that would be nice since the details of the rocks are really pleasing. So, gear up with cameras or phones with nice cameras for taking picture.

This is the trail to move around the canyon and also the best spot for taking picture with, showing up the wonders of the earth. For hikers, this is perfect while for do not have phase to walk can still enjoy taking picture at a distance. Below is another breath taking view at the canyon. 

This spot is like from a movie that something from a fantasy and country setup movies. An intense detailed rock formations and landscapes really looks the peak of this canyon view. Taking a short stop on this spot really counts so better to set if you can or simply enjoy the view.

This spot shows a gigantic individual rock that is naturally laid down on top on canyon rock part. If you are a professional photographer, then you can have a lot of idea on how to take picture in this spot. For tourists, then simply sit down behind this rock and take a picture hehe. The rock formations behind still intense, so would be a good wallpaper photo. 

This is Willow Spring, a part of red rock canyon. On this area, plants are already visible, since they can grown probably some part of the rocks there are soil or minerals that provide the plants to grow. Still, a country side view on this area is really visible, so better to enjoy the surrounding. 

Okay, this is another a breath taking view shown, like a prehistoric rocks with greens on the field that intensify the view of this rock mountains. So, enjoy this view and take a lot of picture before ending the red rock canyon visit. 

Once again, this is Red Rock Canyon tourist visit. 

How to get there

For Public Transport,

You can find a Red Rock Canyon tourist visit within the City of Las Vegas. You can have cab probably, that would defend on your deal with them.

For Private Transport, 

Simply go to the west side of the city of Las Vegas, via Blue Diamond Road, you pass by Red Rock Canyon entrance on the right. 


Car/Truck - 15 dollars

Motorcycle - 10 dollars

Bicycle/Pedestrian - 5 dollars 

Commercial Vehicle - 15 dollars  + 5 dollars per person

Medically Determined Permanently Disabled - Free

NOTE: Timed Reservations are required for vehicle entry to the Scenic Loop between 8am-5pm from October 1 through May 31

Other details are available here.

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