Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village - Every Culture View and Amusement Ride Counts

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is a vast amusement park facility located in Nantou Country, center part of Taiwan and located near renowned Sun Moon Lake. This facility is full of structures inspired of ancient cultural tribe villages. It emphasizes the tribal images and life-size figures that surely amazed visitors.

For tourists that can present passport and in group, a discounted entrance fee is offered. So, it is a good opportunity to save some Taiwan dollars for other possible spending. Take time to enjoy the sights upon entering the facility.

Aside of native style cabins that should expected, the facility also offers a European style Palace and Garden that surely amazed tourists. It is a wide area green, colorful flowers, and an impressive European Inspired Palace. People can have a amusement park train to take look around this wide area.

As part of amusement park, a giant water slide for an enjoyable adrenaline rush activity is also offered as well as the tall and gigantic UFO ride. These two amusement activities are really nice so make sure to experience it. For a view of the whole trip to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, please watch the video below.

It is a short clip that illustrate a whole trip in the facility. It also shows a part of Sun Moon Lake over the cable cars. Take time to enjoy the video and share.

How to get there:
This facility is accessible from Taichung in which tourist can have tourist bus that can be booked online such as klook, viator, or  on a specific tourist bus company. Second option is hiring a taxi for a round trip from the city to Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village at Nantou Country. Rate is around 1500 to 3000 NT$

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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mount Tapyas Viewing Deck - Simply Majestic Sunset

Mount Tapyas is really a good spot for people who wants to take some time to think and relax. It has view over Coron Town proper that several tourists take this as a first spot to visit. The summit is around 700 steps from the jump off spot or drop off area, which is quite intimidating but don't worry there are a lot of benches to take a rest while ascending to the summit. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Laoag Sand Dunes - Astonishing Adrenaline Rush

I could say that this activity was the highlight of Northern Luzon tour. It was really awesome; an adrenaline rush ride, in which a 4x4 truck was drifting on the sand. Those quick ascent and descent will let you shout out of enjoyment while the quick turn will let you hold your breath thinking "Please don't let us be thrown away! ahahahaha!".